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Has traditional health insurance stopped working for you?
Don’t worry, now there’s another way.
Redirect Health is a new common sense way for people to get healthcare directly, without having to depend on their employer. It’s for people who want control over meaningful access to healthcare with simplicity and transparency.
iEverydayCARE makes routine care and navigating through the system very easy. So no one in your family has spends more time or money than they should - all with no copays or deductibles. And with no additional surprise bills.

And then, to pay for those unexpected expensive services we all worry about, join Sedera Health's cost share program for the simple and transparent additional protection you need.

✓ $0 Copay and No Deductible
✓ Unlimited Primary Care Office Visits
✓ 24-hour Health Concierge
✓ Labs & Immunizations
✓ Free Chiropractic
✓ Save up to 80% on Prescriptions
✓ Catastrophic Coverage Option
✓ Starting at just $105/month
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